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90 For Life offers a natural way of improving your health. Take advantage of the 90 essential nutrients you need to live a healthier, more balanced life.

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Welcome to 90 For Life

Since 1997, Youngevity and 90-for-life has continued a tradition of excellence and innovation with its Nutraceutical products by committing itself to research and science.

Its core message of 90-for-life, developed by world-renowned scientist and researcher, Dr. Joel Wallach, has resonated and enhanced the lives of millions through its clinically-supported philosophy of the correlation of specific nutrients to overall health and wellness.

Working closely with the field’s most notable biochemists, medical professionals, nutritionists and governmental organizations such as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Youngevity has pioneered, the use of nutrition and supplementation to aid in the support of health and defence of the body’s most debilitating health concerns.


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We are in the business of helping people get better.


We have practitioners on hand to assists you on your journey to recovery.


All our 90-for-life practitioners are qualified and experienced working alongside Dr Wallach and his 90-for-life protocols.

If you have any question, please contact us. [email protected]

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