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Returns Policy


Distributors, Preferred, and Retail Customers of Youngevity that need to return product for any reason, will be required to follow the procedures as outlined in this policy. Anyone failing to follow the procedures as described will not be entitled to a refund from Youngevity. Please read the following policy carefully.

M 1 In accordance with previously stated policy, no refunds are given or offered after thirty (30) days from the date product is received by the customer.
M 2 All requests for an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) must be received by telephone to Youngevity. Request for an RMA via facsimile or letter will not receive a response from Youngevity.
M 3 Food is not returnable. All items returned for credit or refund must be disclosed at the time an RMA is issued. Any items returned to Youngevity that were not disclosed at the time the RMA was issued are not eligible for a credit or refund.
M 4 Only one RMA will be issued per invoice.
M 5 At the time a RMA is requested, a RMA number will be issued. The customer will be required to write the RMA number in black on the outside of the packaging material used to return product. It is advised that the customer retain the RMA number issued for their records.
M 6 At the time a RMA is requested a “Product Due Date” will be issued. The Product Due Date will be approximately ten business days from the date an RMA is initiated. Youngevity must receive the product on or before the issued Product Due Date to be eligible for any credit or refund issued. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that products are returned on or before the Product Due Date. Youngevity is not responsible for delays in the delivery of product returned caused by the any other courier service, public or private. If after receipt of an RMA it is determined that product was received after the Product Due Date, a credit will not be issued.
M 7 It is advised that when product is returned to Youngevity, the customer use a carrier that will provide proof of delivery to the customer. Youngevity is not liable for packages lost in transit or not received.
M 8 Perishable (chocolate) shipments must abide by the following requirements in addition to all other policies as stated in Section M.a) Must be returned in original packaging) Must be shipped overnight by Courier) Return must be accompanied with RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization.)
M 9 Packages sent to Youngevity without an RMA clearly visible on the outside of the package will be refused by Youngevity. It is advised that the customer use a thick black marker when writing the RMA number on the outside of the package. Ball point pen can be removed during the shipping process. Youngevity is not responsible for any RMA numbers removed during the delivery of product caused by any other courier service, public or private. Any package refused by Youngevity will not be eligible for return or refund.
M 10 Instances of packages received without an RMA number that have been received by Youngevity from the United States Postal Service without a return receipt required will be held by Youngevity unopened for ten days after which they will be destroyed and disposed of. Any customer wanting their merchandise back must arrange to have said merchandise picked up by the carrier of their choice. Youngevity is not responsible for incorrect pickups in these instances.
M 11 All returned merchandise is subject to an 8% restocking fee.
M 12 Youngevity will not accept packages sent to Youngevity “Postage Due” or “Freight Collect.”
M 13 After Youngevity receives returned merchandise, a credit will be issued within 7-14 business days.
M 14 Credits will be issued for product amount only (minus 8% restocking fee). Credits will not be issued for shipping and handling.


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