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    A Healthy Start Pak 2.0 – Beyond Osteo FX Liquid


    Featuring the most advanced multi-vitamin, mineral complex to date, BTT 2.0-Citrus Fusion, this new Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 will provide you with the full spectrum foundation nutrition you need. Includes our BTT 2.0-Citrus Peach Fusion-480g canister (1),EFA PLUS – 90 soft gels (1), and Liquid Beyond Osteo-fx – 32oz (1).

    EFA Plus is out of stock. Instead, we will include Ultimate EFA 180 for no additional cost.
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    Youngevity Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 (Liquid Osteo) – If you already eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle this is the kit for you! Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes our Beyond Tangy Tangerine® 2.0 – 480g Canister (1) Ultimate EFA PLUS- 90 Softgels (1) and Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid – 946ml (1). This Pak contains the 90 essential nutrients needed for optimal health.

    90 Essentials + Osteo fx (bone and joint health)

    Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 – 480g Canister
    The most advanced multi-vitamin mineral complex to date that provides you the highest quality essential nutrients that your body needs for optimal health. Synergizing cofactors ensure maximum nutrient absorption and benefits.

    Ultimate EFA PLUS – 90 Softgels – Currently out of stock
    A proprietary blend of essential fatty acids from Borage, Flax, and Fish Oils. Used as part of a healthy diet, essential fatty acids may support the body in many ways, especially cardiovascular health.

    This product is out of stock. Instead, we will include Ultimate EFA 180 for no additional cost.

    Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid – 946ml
    With bone and joint health becoming an increasing concern for many adults Beyond Osteo-fx Powder was formulated to help support optimal bone and joint health.

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