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    At Youngevity Be The Change, we’re committed to helping the people and communities that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. From August 29 to September 1, the profits from all Youngevity Be The Change product purchases were donated to support Red Cross relief efforts on behalf of our distributors and customers. But to fully understand the importance of these contributions, you first have to understand the staggering impact of Hurricane Harvey itself.
    Harvey Leaves Unprecedented Path of Destruction
    During a six-day period, Harvey dumped a record 51 inches of rain over Texas and Louisiana, causing an unparalleled $75 billion in damage. Yet nothing compares to the toll it took on so many of our fellow Americans. With 72,000 people rescued and an estimated 450,000 victims in need of assistance, Harvey is truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen.
    Youngevity Be The Change Foundation and The American Red Cross
    Given the truly massive scope of Harvey’s impact, the American Red Cross needs all the help it can get. That’s why we’re so proud that the profits donated to The Red Cross from our Youngevity Be The Change products can be designated specifically by region. So, when Harvey jumped from Texas to Louisiana, we were still there when people needed us most. It’s also important to note that 94 percent of Red Cross efforts are volunteer-based and 91 cents of every dollar it spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs. We’re not aware of any other charity that does this.