YGY The E-Pulse – Christmas Edition

by | Jul 4, 2018

Happy Friday Southern Crusaders

Hello from the desk of Irene G, Kevin and the Southern Crusaders.

What ever your Christmas gift needs this Christmas, Youngevity has got you covered.  The possibilities are enormous, from Christmas stocking fillers for children to the perfect gift for grownups.  Why shop anywhere else this Christmas

Here is why it is such a great idea to give Youngevity this Christmas –

  • A really great way to introduce a family member or friend to our wonderful products and they get to experience their benefits first hand
  • Christmas shopping your own shop may give you your necessary BV qualification for next months commission payment and therefore end up saving you money at this very expensive time of the year
  • It is delivered right to your door beating the Christmas shopping rush
  • Youngevity has gifts for all budget sizes and ages
  • It’s a gift that just keeps on giving

Enjoy our range of gift ideas, beautiful gifts for ladies and unique gifts for men, with a difference –

Give beautifully to her:
Mialisia Jewellery believes the jewellery she wears is an extension of her.  That’s why Mialisia interchangeable jewellery converts into dozens of different looks and styles. She will look and feel like a princess.

Beauty without toxicity and style with real substance, that’s Youngevity.  

All natural and organic ingredients

Awesome gifts for him:
What do you give the man who has everything – you give him good health

Rebound fx™ is more than just a drink…it’s absolute performance. Unlike other sports drinks, Rebound fx™ is a high-energy drink that offers a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs, and important minerals such as potassium.



Triple Treat Chocolate – The Ultimate (Guilt-Free) chocolate experience.
Indulge his sweet tooth with delectable dark chocolate while he improves his intestinal flora balance.

More gift suggestions:

  • Make up a delicious and delightful gift basket – Spoilt for choice with our Saveur Range


  • Stocking fillers for children – from the elf on the shelf – Kidsprinkles – sweet taste but so healthy


  • Secret Santa gift ideas – you’ll own the gift giving game with choices made from our Youngevity range


  • Beautiful boxed Youngevity Essential Oils make the perfect gift with their benefits not only including healing abilities but also their irresistible aromas

Due to the increase in exchange rates our range of Youngevity books and DVD’s will be increasing in the new year so grab them at this year’s prices while stocks last.

Book Range:
Dead Doctors Don’t Lie (book plus CD) by Dr Joel Wallach ….. $45.80

Epigenetics by Dr Joel Wallach and Dr Gerhard Schrauzer …… $49.50

Let’s Play Doctor by Dr Joel Wallach ……………………………… $31.50

Let’s Play Herbal Doctor by Dr Joel Wallach …………………….. $44.50

Wallach Street for Kids by Dr Joel Wallach ………………………. $34.00

Energy Crisis  by Dr Joel Wallach and Dr Ma Lan ………………. $32.00

Gluten Free Cookbook by Dr Joel Wallach and Youngevity …… $72.00

Live Foods Live Bodies by Linda and Jaoy Kordich …………….. $59.90

You Are What You Eat by Kevin Grundy ………………………….$15.00

New DVD’s:
Dead Doctors Don’t Lie: Somebody Should Go To Jail by Dr Joel Wallach …. $17.50

Live Long and Prosper by Dr Joel Wallach ……………………… $17.50

This Land is Leached Land by Dr Joel Wallach ………………… $17.50

(Don’t forget to change your autoship for your Christmas delivery)

When you have Christmas in your hearts, it doesn’t matter what’s under the tree


Have a super awesome day,
Irene G
Youngevity Beverages Ltd
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